Yecoo GT3 (2-in-1) ALL-TERRAIN Electric Skateboard Review

Why you should buy this all-terrain electric skateboard?

At $859,you can get an affordable off-road electric skateboard-Yecoo GT3,which is still capable of offering you strong power and enough range to get you most places you need to go.with 2 replaceable wheels,  Your skate sessions can find you anywhere, from uneven pavement to off-roading.This all-terrain electric skateboard is absolutely ideal for commuters,who want a off-road electric skateboard to ride to and from work or school 

Who it’s for?

those who need to travel long distances ,using Yecoo as a reliable and comfortable means of transportation.

How much does the off-road electric skateboard cost?


Why do we choose Yecoo GT3?

Yecoo is one of the best elPU wheels are used for streets, while the 6 in off-road wheels are used for roadless roads and mountain roads.  You can change the wheel quickly in two minutes.

yecoo gt3

Let’s jump straight into the performance tests now, and then we’ll talk about Yecoo GT3features and specs later on down the article.

Range test 

I dia a separate range tests to compare the range of the Yecoo GT3 between the 90mm wheels and the 152mm(6 inch) wheels.About the test condition ,i choose the smooth street roads and roadless road, I’d say 50% of them were rough, had gravel across them or were poorly paved. There was a slight breeze, which was probably negligible.

I weigh 150kg,which is 330lbs, I rode the Yecoo GT3 about 40kmh(25mph) and the route was considerably hilly and got a range of 30km(19mile) during my range test for the 152mm wheels on the street,and25.7km (16 miles) on the roadless road.

I also did a separate speed test for the 90mm wheels,i can reach 40.2km(25miles) on the street,35.4km(22 miles) on the roadless roads

Lighter riders will get a lot more range out of the electric skateboard than I did.In a word,I am fairly happy with the range that I received that will meet most riders needs. 

Speed test



Considering that the fastest speed is only used on the concrete paths rather than the roadless roads that dangerous at high speed.the test condition i only choose the former.

 I hit a top speed of 40kmh/ 25mph while you max the throttle on the remote .I am satisfied with the speed that meet most riders needs, a comfortable cruising pace is between 25-30kmh/15-19mph

Acceleration test

quickly gets up to 40kmh (25mph). Yecoo GT3 rounds out at the top end and gradually brings you up to the top speed.

I’d say you can achieve 80% of the top speed within the first 40m with the last 20% of speed taking around 60m to get up to its max. That’s only an estimation though, I didn’t actually test this, it’s just how it felt.It’s very smooth without any jerking or jolting but still get you up to top speed fast.

Brake Test

I ride Yecoo GT3 at about 40kmh(25mph) and see how long it takes to come to a complete stop.I tested the braking distances on the top speed  40kmh(25mph), I slammed on the brakes and it took me 37.6′ (11.4m) to come to a complete stop.

From 30kmh(18mph ), it took 61.6′ (18.8m).owing to the ESC,the brakes were super smooth when applied at full lock.But I would just recommend that you ride at a pace where you’ll be able to brake safely In daily life.

Hill Climb Test

yecoo test

I took the Yecoo GT3 up a hill that had a grade of about 15%, which is one of the steepest hills in my area at an average pace of about 20kmh(12.4mph).

I’d love to find a steeper hill nearby, something closer to 30%.However ,There aren’t too many hills about with a grade higher than 15% , where I can do a real test. 

To be honest,With belt motor more flexible torque, more powerful power,it makes the Yecooone of the most powerful,you’re going to be able to comfortably climb most hills that you come face-to-face with.

The features and Specifics

Yecoo makes all-terrain electric longboards with incredible specifications. It has a top speed of 40kmh( 25 MPH), a range of 12-21km(19-37 miles). A 30% ability to climb hills. With a 2-in-1 mode with street and all-terrain, which called Urban Off-Road.This is the off-road electronic board you must check. Yecoo continues to evolve to meet the market demand for high quality and affordable electric skateboards.

The deck

electric skateboard deck

Made by a composite of Fiberglass and Bamboo, it gives the deck a unique flex that has this perfect middle ground of bounce and rigidity. It has enough bounce to absorb bumps and cracks in the ground, while maintaining stability at higher speeds. What’s more,it makes the ride a lot more comfortable and I don’t get any sore feet after riding it for a long time than if it was completely stiff and flat deck. Fiberglass was added to increase strength so it’s extremely resilient and can withstand up my 150kg(330 pounds) weight,even won’t break my deck.

combined with the concave shape gives me incredible control over the electronic does keep me steady at high speeds,without any speed wobbles. it’s the drop-through of the deck that has two main benefits. First, it gives the outside of my foot something to lean on to lock me in position safely. There’s nowhere for my feet to slide off.I can feel the edge of the skateboard on my toes and heels at any time. This made it easy to turn the board.Because of the angle that the flares sit at, they give you more leverage when leaning into a turn, so you don’t have to work as hard to get a sharper turn. 

The truck

all-terrain electric skateboard truck

Generally,the truck was easy to adjust, when I tightened them up, it’s very stable and comfortable when riding at high speeds If you want to got some manoeuvrability from the board, loosened the trucks off,You can literally do a 180 turn on a street that has a width of 10m and come back to centre nice and easily.

Plus, the length and shape of the deck pair perfectly with these trucks, making turn really easy and you can hang a u-turn in the tightest of spots 

The battery

yecoo gt3 battery

The battery in the Yecoo GT3 is a 10S4P array of 18650 cells . increased from 8.8Ah to 14Ah,giving you a top range of up to 21miles (33.7km).

It Has an significantly improved battery, using the best quality battery cells–Samsung batteries,which allows you to maintain high speeds, even as your battery is running low.

Now with the separated enclosures, the battery can be layered, leaving space in the middle of the deck to fit for the bounce.


The Yecoo has two separate enclosure, one for the ESC and the other for the battery. you can easily access the battery.Just unscrew them and lift off the lid to get into the battery. you don’t need to rip up the grip tape. A quick finger can replace the battery in less than 60 seconds.

And Yecoo GT3 has enhanced seal bottom case, which is waterproof, dustproof and wearproof; Imported steel framed truck makes you comfortable and smooth when turning, You can also safely ride in the rain

The Wheels

off-road electric skateboard wheel

Yecoo GT3 is a 2-in-1 mode with street and all-terrain. .The “small” wheels will give you more torque at a slightly lower top speed while the larger wheels will get you the higher top speed .

The 6 inch wheel (152.4 mm) is made of non-inflatable silicone tires, overall I felt that they were quite comfortable riding over cracks and bumps in the road, And you don’t need to worry about puncture and repair.

90 mm diameter high elastic PU wheel is comfortable, and a better effect of high-speed shock absorption.They soak up the vibrations from the road


My favorite features of the ESC is that you just turn the remote on, give the all-terrain electric skateboard a bit of a push and the board will turn on automatically , you don’t have to flip the board over to turn it on.

Owning to the optimized the ESC algorithm,i feel that  the acceleration and brakes is very smooth and strong power when it’s at high speed.  

The motor

To be honest,With 1000 watt belt motor more flexible torque, more powerful power,it makes the board one of the most powerful,you’re going to be able to comfortably climb most hills that you come face-to-face with.

Comparing to other motor,the belt noise effect is good,there is no need to worry the noise,it’s quieter a lot.The other concerning thing is that the motors are exposed to the outside of the wheels. This could mean that water, dirt, sand or whatever could find its way into the motors and you should clear it sometimes.

The remote

It has an LED display and good old LED lights that show you how much battery you have left in the tank by clicking the power button, with three speed modes and a reverse function.

I love one feature that all you need to do is turn the remote on and then kick push the board. Yecoo will turn on once the wheels get spinning and connect with the remote automatically.Plus, the board turns itself off after 5 minutes of inactivity, you don’t even have to turn it off.

In The Box

Completely Assembled Yecoo Board(6inch tire)

Remote wireless control

Adapter and charger (US, AU or EU plug match according to your address)

T wrench tool for daily maintenance

A set of 90mm PU high elastic wheels is included

When I first took the Yecoo GT3 out of the box, I was almost shocked by the quality of the board. Other items you’ll find in the box include regular surfaces, T-shaped tools, circuit board chargers, and remote controls. It’s weird.

However, Yecoo does deliver some nice additional features. They print the Yecoo logo on the front and back. The other thing they send you is two foam pads.

Pros & Cons


· Great value for money

· Long range

· Super power

· Quick swap battery system

· Safe ride in the rain

· Switchable wheel


· Without lifting the handle 

Get it now

Final Thoughts

The Yecoo  GT3is one of the best all-terrain electric skateboards you can buy in its price range. If you’re looking for your budget off-road electric skateboard to cruise around on, Yecoo GT3 is one of your best options. This powerful and affordable electric longboard is perfect for those who need to travel long distanc

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  1. Seeing the prices, I wish I had known about them before I got my ride1up slopestyle a month ago, as for the range at that price, I’d honestly take one of their all-terrain electric skateboards over the ride1up.
    I do love my board though, just always wanting more range whenever I can get yecoo gt3 haha.

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