Yecoo GT (2-in-1) Off-Road Electric Skateboard Review

In terms of electric skateboard, various skateboard and skateboard brands spring growth on the skateboard market. What followed was an increasingly competitive competition. Boost, Evolve, Meepo, Wowgo and many small brands on the market make the electric skateboard developed rapidly. All terrain skateboard, also off road wheel skateboard, maybe the most popular electric skateboard in 2019. The most obvious features of all terrain skateboard is the wheel that has bigger size, special material and whether uphill or downhill, muddy road or flat road, all-terrain skateboards are unimpeded and cross it easily. This article is written for review a new brand of all terrain skateboard– YECOO GT.

YECOO GT is one of main product launched by YECOO, Also is a brand new design, which pays more attention to details while improving performance. Yecoo GT is a 2-in-1 mode with street and all-terrain, which called Urban Off-Road. Providing strong power and high speed. At low speed, it is more flexible and can perform more tricks, allowing you to walk like a snake. Besides, YECOO GT is continuous upgraded by designer referring the comments from clients. After many times test, the Battery capacity of GT increased from 8.8Ah to 11Ah and 15Ah, which means it has wider cruising range。In addition to the battery, the uniquely designed AT wheel is another characteristic of the YECOO GT. All of those characteristics will be discuss one by one in the following contents.

Usually, when choosing a skateboard, a lot of factors are considered, such as price, power, battery, weight, appearance, packaging, after-sales warranty and so on. Usually, when choosing a skateboard, a lot of factors are considered, such as price, power, battery, weight, appearance, packaging, after-sales warranty and so on. Usually, when choosing a skateboard, a lot of factors are considered, such as price, power, battery, weight, appearance, packaging, after-sales warranty and so on. In general, whether the performance and cost performance of the skateboard can satisfy oneself。So, I’ll mainly discuss the performance and cost performance of YECOO GT to explore whether it deserves.


Firstly,the greatest highlight of YECOO GT is the wheels. YECOO GT offers 2 type of wheels, which is the reason why it called 2 in 1. For the all terrain wheels, the 6 inches elastic honeycomb tires with solid silicone which is unique material used by YECOO. Silicone tires have many advantages: good chemical stability and harmless to the human body, with good fire resistance and no pollution to the environment. In addition, the excellent wear and shock resistance of silicone can effectively protect the axle and extend the life of the wheel. The most important thing is that the silicone wheel skateboard is stable and sensitive, and the off-road performance is more outstanding, and it can work on different grounds. All of those advantage make it  a reality to riding on any terrain, even if there is mud, bricks or high grass. Compared to air tires you never have to check the pressure on them & never have to worry about any sharp objects on the way.

YECOO also offers 83mm PU street wheel. The high elastic wheel can provide better shock absorbing effect at high speed. It further increases the use of skateboarding scenarios and the life of the wheel because this 2 type of wheels can be change quickly anywhere to satisfied variety road.

Another highlight is the battery, one of the most important components of electric skateboard, which is the power source made a skateboard running. YECOO GT adopts Samsung battery that is definitely one of best power battery. Not only that, but YECOO’s battery capacity has been upgraded from the initial 6.0Ah to the largest 15.0Ah. Actually, YECOO GT has 11Ah battery and 15Ah battery can be chosen. 15Ah battery capacity allows the GT’s maximum cruising range to reach 21 miles. With 30Q and 22P battery, more stable discharge rate is than before resulting to GT can keep going on high speed even when battery power is low.  

For others hardwares, GT’s deck is 8 layers of Canadian Maple with baking paint. It’s so strong and looks so beautiful. 2000 watts N5065 high speed motor driven by belt offers powerful power. As far as I am concern, belt driven motor is the other reason why GT can be called All terrain skateboard. Belt driven motors usually have stronger power than hub driven motor, which is the key point a supporting a skateboard to travel all kind road, especial in steep road, muddy road or rugged road. The perfect combination of GT’s powerful power motor and its unique mountain wheel can conquer these terrains.


The performance of the skateboard usually refers to the maximum speed of the skateboard, the maximum cruising range, the climbing ability, etc., which is also a specific indicator of whether the skateboard hardware is qualified. Usually, the seller will give these parameters for the player’s reference, but this is only some theoretical data. Skateboards will be affected by many factors, such as player weight, road conditions and weather conditions. So I will compare the theoretical data of GT with the actual data.

 Top SpeedMax RangeClimbing
Theoretical25 mph(40km/h)21 miles/33 km25%-30%
Actual25.2 mph(40km/h)19 miles/30 km23%

I tested 15Ah battery with honeycomb wheel to obtain those data. It iMy weight is 189 lbs. I ride it from the city to the suburbs.s very surprised for me that the top speed up to 25.2 mph. It’s so fast than I thought. My weight is 189 lbs, and riding it from city to the suburbs, about 3 miles of muddy roads, and some steep roads, the roads are fairly flat, and the round trip distance is total about 18 miles. When I got home,there is still some batteries left in the battery. What I have to say is that riding this off-road wheel electric skateboard is really very comfortable, because its wheels are large in size with elastic, I can easily walk through some bumpy sections, and because of its excellent shock absorption, I walked very stable on a flat road and won’t numb my feet. All in all, the overall performance of YECOO GT with all terrain wheels is satisfactory for me.

 Top SpeedMax RangeClimbing
Theoretical25 mph(40km/h)25 miles/33 km25%-30%
Actual25.2 mph(40km/h)20 miles/30 km20%

The actual data of the PU street wheel is not much different from the all terrain wheel. In addition to the slightly longer cruising range, the only downside is that it is only suitable for riding on flat roads. In addition, the GT is more flexible when replaced with street wheels.

YECOO GT Pros & Cons

  • Wheels — the all terrain wheel is definitely special, 6 inches large size with elastic and airless, so convenient to change with street wheels.
  • Braking — the braking is very sensitive, sliding naturally and stopping smoothly.
  • Battery — 15 Ah large battery capacity have not appeared before on the market。

  • Durability — This silicone wheel has a little bit of wear resistance. After a period of use, the texture on the wheel will be smoothed to make the wheel slippery.
  • Weight — The weight of the GT is 23.8 lbs (10.8kg)


In one word, YECOO GT is cheaper than Evolve or other off-road skateboards. But it’s costs less than $1,000 with a 15Ah Samsung Battery and another set of PU street wheels. The 11Ah Battery is only $ 719. Its positive point is very obvious, when considering the price, it is difficult to draw any real negative factors.

For all terrain electric skateboards, YECOO GT must deserve for it price and it’s performance and hardware literal surprising.

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