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The powerful mini & small electric skateboard – From Yecoo Board

Here is an mini electric skateboard that you can have a ton of fun on and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. The Yecoo MT is one of the best high-performance electric skateboards in its price range. In this review, I’ll show you exactly why I love it so much.

Yecoo MT electric skateboard Features & Specs


Yecoo mt esc

It runs on a good ESC and you can really feel the smooth acceleration and braking. This is one of my favorite parts of the board because it makes the ride feel like butter.The ESC and battery are mounted in an all-plastic housing, but the metal plating on the ESC box acts as a radiator to help keep your components operating at optimal temperatures.


yecoo mt motor

It has dual hub motors, each rated at 450W, which are smaller.The motor power provides up to 35% high hill-climbing capability, as well as a top speed of up to 30 MPH.I also tested my climbing skills, and I was able to fly up a 15 per cent slope on the steepest part, with an average of 9 per cent for the whole climb.I was going between 20-30 km/h (13-19 MPH) and didn’t even want to give up.At the top, the motor is hot but can still be touched, which means there’s more inside.You have no problem climbing mountains.


yecoo mt deck

Yecoo MT is a 30 “8 layer maple and kick tail design that is sturdy and stylish. It features a waterproof and The 90mm diameter elastic PU wheel is replaceable.At the top of the deck are some shock-absorbing grip tape, which does wonders for absorbing the vibrations of the road.

Given the range this electronic board can reach, I think you’ll want to take it out for longer rides, and the extra padding under your feet means your feet will last longer before getting tired.With its lovely radial concave shape, it provides a comfortable and sensitive platform for you to stand on, and this time the Vaughan even gave it a surprise. This makes it easier to whip the board and make sharp turns if necessary.


yecoo mt truck

In addition to being beautiful, the 12-inch forged DKP truck is top-notch.I’ve had bad experiences with DKP trucks in the past, so I tightened them up before my first ride.But after a few minutes of riding, I felt confident enough to loosen them a bit. The ride got better from there.I have a good sense of control when I turn, and the carving on this electronic board is great.You can really throw it hard, and the truck bounces back to center almost effortlessly

BushinAs great as they are, I can’t give all the credit to the trucks. A big part of ride comfort comes down to bushings and riser pads.

Bushings & Riser Pads

First, the bushing is the cushion on which the truck sits. So the harder the bush, the faster the deck responds to turns or turns, while softer bushings are designed to provide a slower, more comfortable ride.

These bushings are right in the middle. They have enough cushioning, but keep enough springback for responsive carving.

The risers are designed to create some space between the wheels and the deck to reduce the wheel bite we talked about earlier and to absorb some of the vibrations on the road.


Turning the deck over, we see that it has a separate housing for electronics.It’s pretty and thin and feels rock solid. When I shake it, I can’t hear or feel anything moving there. It’s really nice to put it all together.yecoo uses a screwed-in metal cover to protect the charging port, which I thought was a nice touch at first, until I had to use it.


The90*56mm 82A PU wheels and they’re great! Well, so far so good, anyway. I can’t say durability yet because I’ve only ridden about 30 miles (50km), but it feels great to ride.The rubber on the PU bushing around the motor is very thick.They do a good job of providing sidewalk comfort while being soft enough to maintain traction for off-road riding on grass and dirt

They’re really soft and absorb a lot of vibration.The ½ inch riser does help, but PU’s large wheels and high elasticity do most of the work.

To make it even better, consider placing a set of Cloudwheel donuts on top for ultimate comfort.

The wheels are another of my favorite things because they’re soft. They absorb a lot of road vibration and have crazy grip, which makes high-speed cornering less sketchy.


The battery is 90Wh and comes in a 10S1P configuration.I think they tested the range on a flat road with a rider who weighed about 70 kilos and was more comfortable riding at a speed.I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who weighs more than 90kg and needs to ride hard or climb a lot of mountains, unless you really don’t need a lot of range and just want something easy to carry with you.

In addition to motors, high-performance batteries are also noteworthy. As powerful as it is, it’s not one of those mini electric skateboards that runs out of battery power quickly. According to the company’s technical specifications, it comes with a 36-volt lithium-ion battery. On average, it takes two hours to fully charge the battery.

The battery deserves credit, too. In addition,


yecoo mt remote

It also comes with an ergonomic wireless remote. Because of its design, holding the remote will be easy. In addition, acceleration and deceleration will be effortless. It is also better than many other products because of its ability to work backwards. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, there are Settings to suit your skills. It also has the function of holding the skateboard, which is convenient to get on and off the skateboard.

The board has an IP rating of 65 and is waterproof, but it is not recommended to ride in rainy weather as this can cause wheels to skid. One bonus is the remote control, which comes with a display so you can check status and change Settings anytime, anywhere. But the yecoo application displays all sorts of convenience to the user and even allows you to make software adjustments to the board in real time. Software updates, acceleration and braking curves, and battery health are provided in the application. You can change your wheel dimensions in the application to improve the accuracy of distance calculations.

Range test

In my range test, I cycled a total distance of 23km /15 miles. I think this is a very good range ability.My weight was 88 kg /194 LBS and the route was very flat with some strong winds for parts of the run. I rode at a fairly random pace, however, I did test the top speed on this ride and I couldn’t help but do a lot of carving.Lighter riders are likely to go more than 25km, or longer if they are smart about saving electricity.For most riders, that’s enough.If you want more range, you can access the battery bay from the top of the deck by loosening these bolts and lifting the plate. So you can easily buy a second battery and replace it during the ride.

Speed Test

That’s an incredible top speed for a cheap electric skateboard.It tops out faster than some of the more premium brands, including Evolve.

I just had a very bad chip on the Yecoo MT, which gave me confidence in the shard. I hadn’t ridden for over a month after that, and I had just regained some fragile nerve to get back out there and ride again.

Yecoo mt boasts a top speed of 40 km/h (25 MPH),On off-road, uneven trails, I hit 32.4 km/h (20.1 MPH).

There was still some room on the throttle, I just didn’t have enough game power to push it. That’s fast enough for me.I have no doubt that you crazy electronic skaters will be able to reach speeds of 40 km/h (25 MPH).e’s really nothing to say here. The numbers speak for themselves.

Climb test

I also tested my climbing skills, and I was able to fly up a 15 per cent slope on the steepest part, with an average of 9 per cent for the whole climb.

It shattered it. I was going between 20-30 km/h (13-19 MPH) and didn’t even want to give up.

At the top, the motor is hot but can still be touched, which means there’s more inside.

It has a range of up to 23km /15 miles and is tested on flat surfaces by 88kg riders.For most riders, that’s enough.You have no problem climbing mountains.

This is not unusual. You will be hard pressed to find any hub motor plate that can damage hills. That’s just the nature of the motor. If you want to power a hillside, it’s best to use a belt drive.

 Brake & Acceleration

For those of you who don’t know, that’s the part that controls speed and braking. A very important component that determines the overall performance and ride experience.

Acceleration, while fast and powerful, remains smooth and easy to manage, even for intermediate riders.The braking was predictable and still strong. Just what you need in those unexpectedly tricky situation

I compared the different levels of acceleration and found that there was a big difference in power between each setting.

At 0% acceleration, you don’t actually move. That’s why they call it zero percent. It’s nothing.

At the top setting of 100%, acceleration is tough and fast, but still smooth and won’t let you down as long as you’re ready.

Braking tests are hard to measure with limited resources, so I’m looking for a better way.

In the meantime, I’ll give you an outline of the brakes.

At lower brake Settings (0-20%), the curve is slow and very flat. It’s almost like rolling to a stop.But when the brake Settings are up to 90-100%, you can really start to feel those brakes strong.

They’re not powerful enough to get you off the board, but you brake really fast.They’re pretty impressive for hub motors.The brakes are very smooth. I never felt any bumps.As for their strength, well, they are good, but not very good. Again, that’s how hub motors work.

In fact, the yecoo mt’s brakes are better than most hub motor mini electric skateboards. But don’t expect to come to a complete stop within a few meters of flying at top speed.

Why you should chose yecoo Mt electric skateboard

 if you live on the fifth floor and do not have an elevator, the lightweight electronic board will be much more convenient. A plate with a hub motor is easy to push forward, but a plate with a belt motor is not. If that’s the case, you’ll need to take it with you if you find your battery is dead. Keep it in mind!

It’s a reliable and comfortable commute, and you can also use it to sculp and use kicktail to bring some fun to your morning commute.When you’re not riding, it’s small and easy to carry and can be placed under your desk at work or school without getting in the way of you or anyone else.

Air travel: Traveling the world with an electric walker sounds appealing. Unfortunately, most electric skateboards still can’t be transported on planes. So if you find yourself flying a lot, you should think carefully about which electronic board to buy. As far as electronic boards go, small and mini electric skateboards yecoo mt is destined to be your perfect air travel companion.

Best of all, it’s a very affordable electric skateboard, and at $490, it’s a great value, second to none.

Overall, the yecoo mt is an excellent electric board that meets the needs of many riders.Its performance specifications exceed the needs of most riders, allowing you to get used to it and last a long time.

It also has many additional features that other electronic boards have, such as lighting and automatic on/off, to make your riding experience more enjoyable and safe.

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