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The First Annual Cannonball Race in San Francisco

Esk8 will host a rally in San Francisco. It is suitable for DIY electric skateboards, electric skateboards, electric scooters and electric single-wheel bicycles. There are actually two days of competition, the first day is the standard game, for those who want to move straight ahead, the next day is the actual rebound.

The standard competition is on a narrow road. Each class will participate in the competition and we will win at the finish line. For people who feel uncomfortable on an open road, this is basically a “safer” game.

The shells competition has two main components: pathfinding and riding skills. Basically, on the first day you will find the fastest path you think will be San Francisco. Then, on the day of the competition, follow all traffic regulations as much as possible and stay safe, so you can run the route as quickly as possible. When you cross the start and end lines, we will take your start and end times. Remember, San Francisco is not your ordinary city. Crazy hills, crazy traffic, crazy streets. It may only be 7.5 miles, but it will test your best abilities, so you’d better get ready!

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