Best Budget Eboards in 2019 – YECOO 2S Electric Skateboards

Today, with the rapid development of the electric skateboard industry, there are too many electric skateboards for skateboarders to choose from, and there are too many brands, such as boosted, meepo, evolve, metroboard, etc. These skateboards have their own advantages. But now I want to evaluate this skateboard is a new brand YECOO Board skateboard, I first noticed that this skateboard was because of his other all-terrain skateboard, found their official website, but I found YECOO 2S and I personally think this is a cost-effective electric skateboard.

Motor & Speed

Yecoo 2S offers two options of motors : Dual Hub and Dual Belt, the Dual belt drive has better torque, 1:3 deceleration ratio, stronger power. Thanks to the belt drive, the maximum speed of the 2S can reach 18MPH.

Battery & Power

Every important person who plays electric skateboards when buying skateboards is the battery and power of the skateboard, because the size and power of the battery are related to the battery life and power of the skateboard. For YECOO 2S, the power of the battery may be where it still needs improvement, because its voltage is low, the maximum voltage of the standard battery is only 25.2V, and the power is insufficient during the travel. But it can still easily climb 20% of the slope. In addition, its actual cruising range can reach up to 12 miles

Wheels & ESC

For YECOO 2S , all of their wheels are high elastic PU wheel with a diameter of 90mm can provide better shock absorbing effect at high speed. Removable motor wheel can be worn and replaced with “PU” coat. Fully customized grinding wheel can enhance the grip. 90mm diameter high elastic PU wheel is comfortable and antiseismic, high speed shock absorption is better and more stable in state.

Yecoo 2S use the ESC, the most popular technology in the electric skateboarding industry. After years of technical precipitation, ESC has become the industry’s leading motor control algorithm. With Electromagnetic drive and high precision motor control algorithm, you will have super comfortable riding experience.

Remote & Braking

It uses 2.4G high frequency remote control,14 M control distance, accurately designed remote control system to make driving safer and more controlled. ,everything is in control! Braking  Super comfortable riding experience, slide naturally and stop smoothly.

Pros & Cons

Now, Let me start with pros and summarize the YECOO Board 2S. First,it equipped with dual drive motor, which supports 450W*2 power. Then, Adopting concealed wiring makes it beautiful in appearance, it will not affect the intensity of the board. Further, YECOO 2S has updated its deck pattern, and the star theme deck is more beautiful than before. But, there is only a cons that 2S can not inevitable. Its wheels are very flexible, so when you skate on the skateboard, the skateboard is not very easy to slide, so it is not very easy for beginners to learn.


In fact, all the performance of this skateboard is not the best, but the performance is very good compared with other skateboards of the same price. Due to its good comprehensive performance, the skateboard is very suitable for rough scholars, if you are Beginners who are new to skateboarding, instead of spending a high price to buy a skateboard that is not suitable for them, it is better to choose YECOO 2S, its price is very cheap, but both the battery and the power can meet the daily needs of a beginner.

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