The Boosted Board Killer Electric Skateboard- Ownboard W2

The Ownboard W2 is characterized by its low price and still impressive properties. It comes with a Hobbywing ESC, which many other eBoards as Wowgo and Backfire also use. This ESC is special because it allows the eBoard to accelerate and brake more smoothly and ensures better control. The difference to other electric skateboards is that Ownboard did not use hub motors for the W2. 

Motors , Top Speed & Acceleration

The quite powerful engines of Ownboards W2 are the most significant change compared to the previous model (W1S). With the double belt drive the W2 eBoard can reach a maximum speed of up to 42km / h (26mph). The acceleration is slightly slower than in the comparable Boosted Board but the maximum speed of Onboard’s W2 is higher and brings with it the Boosted Board quickly back on. Given the price difference from Ownboard W2 Boosted Stealth this is more than a fair compromise. In addition, the Ownboard has W2 sufficient torque to even gradients of up to 30% to cope with. At a belt driven electric skateboard, the motors are mounted outside and transfer the power through belts and gears to the wheels. Thereby, the electric board has more torque with better transmission ratio with the same power. In addition, solid rubber wheels will be used, which allows for better absorption of shocks. Another advantage resides in the interchangeability of the rollers, whereby different role types and sizes may be used. When hub motor, the motors are indeed hidden inside of the wheel and can save space as a result but the polyurethane layer is very thin, which impairs the driving comfort and grip.


  • Top Speed: 26mph/42kmh
  • Range: 12.5-14 miles(20~22.5 km)
  • Power: 5045 Dual Belt Motor
Battery & Range

A maximum range of up to 25 km is ensured by the large lithium-ion battery with Samsung cells. It was not saved at the wrong point, because the use of high-quality battery cells with counts among the most important criteria to determine the quality of an electric skateboard. Of course, this electric skateboard has the advantage of regenerative braking and feeds the energy thus gained back into the battery, thus making it possible to extend the range.


The wheels, with the Ownboard W2 are supplied, have a diameter of 83 mm. Unfortunately, there are no additional pulleys for the W2 available, which makes it difficult to upgrade to other wheels and roll sizes. The wheels with the W2 Electric Board came delivered are, however, excellent and for most eBoarder more than adequate.

Deck & Axis

The Ownboard W2 deck consists of 2-layer bamboo + 6-layers of maple and measures 38 * 9.05 inches. The integrated handle, it is also perfect for carrying and for daily use. Especially a lot of flexibility receives this electric skateboard by its flex design and solid rubber wheels, which is why the driving experience is really great. How much flex for personal driving style, however, is optimal, also depends very much on the individual characteristics and preferences of the driver. 
When the axis is indeed to standards, and this is perfectly adequate. Also included is a LED backlight, which is a particularly useful feature especially for “Night Rides”.


The remote control of the W2 electric skateboard has an ergonomic design and fits perfectly in the hand. Also the wheel for acceleration and braking can be easily operated, which allows good control of the board. It also contains some useful features, such as a forward and reverse gears, 3 different speed modes, a battery indicator, and a vibration signal when the battery is coming to an end.

Ownboard W2 Pros & Cons

  • Good Value For Money
  • Belt Driven
  • Powerful

  • Replacment parts may take a while to arrive from China.
  • 90 Day Warranty


Now, I will quickly sum up all the good and bad points featuring the board.the biggest talking point is easily the belt driven Motors we now see on the W2. many people say what’s the big news as we’ve seen it many times with the boosted board, evolve and slick Revolution all having belt driven Motors.The main difference is the price. All the boards I have listed above are significantly more expensive than the Ownboard W2.

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