I’ve found some best cheaper electric skateboards carry the same quality that even the priciest electric skateboards do.so I want to share with you guys. If you also did the research(or follow the article), you are not just saving your money, but also you will enjoy your electric skateboard time.

Many electric skateboards on the list that retail in the $400-$500 range have a fantastic quality and performance . They have unique features and selling points.In a word, buying a cheap electric skateboard won’t let you down.

Meepo V3 Electric Skateboard

From V1 to v3, Meepo upgrades the product lines very frequently. There is no doubt that it has continued to provide good quality.

For those who want to experience excitement, Meepo V3 is suitable for them, which provides a top speed of 28 miles per hour, even can catch up with the car. It worth noting that it boasts a 0 to 30km in 4.5 seconds, which halves the time of V2, you will feel a more powerful acceleration.The remote is very nice looking, with a digital display that your speed, battery level. Besides, it’s very responsive to the remote.

Meepo has 11 miles range which is less than others. If you want more range means you should spend an extra $200 for the Extra Range battery.


  • High speed
  • Smooth acceleration


  • Unimpressive range

Yecoo MT mini Electric Skateboard

Next up in our overview of the best electric skateboards you can buy is the yecoo mt. We call it the “compact and powerful”, with a small size, its fun to use. It’s small and flexible, perfect for sidewalk or campus riding. It weighs only 6 km, making it the lightest board you can carry around.

These motors have 1,000 watts of power. Using hub motors that rotate at 3000 RPM and can run up to 40 km/h. The acceleration feels incredible, and even when the battery is low, the electric skateboard climbs hills of up to 25 degrees effortlessly.

Composed of 8 layers maple,provide enough flexibility to make riding comfortable while minimizing shaking and road vibration.  90*56mm 82A PU wheels, give you a comfortable riding experience,which provides better shock absorption at high speeds.

It has strong toughness and compressive strength, Yecoo mt is synonymous with solid build quality, fast acceleration and stable range.it is unmatched by any and all of its competitors..

Wireless remote controls allow you to control ride mode, speed, braking, and see how much power is left in the tank. Yecoo mt is known for its water resistance after passing the IPX4 waterproof certification test. Waterproof treatment both inside and out side to resist the small amounts of water you contact throughout daily life



  • Light weight
  • Easy to carry
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for travel


  • Not good for tricks

Backfire G2 Electric Longboard

The first thing I notice is that it has an aggressive angular design. The convex shape is ideal for turning, carving, which allows for more flex. What’s more, the deck is neither flexible nor stiff.With a 14.5 lbs weight, which is portable for commuters. However, the downside is that flex is not suitable for heavy riders.

Backfire has a bigger battery, it’s now 180whs, which has a range of 11 mile. It is enough for a short commute, but not for a long commute. The Large 96mm wheels help to absorb vibrations from the road, providing you a stable feeling. However, it will use the battery quickly.


  • Light weight
  • convex shape


  • short range
  • Not suitable for the heavy riders

Lycaon GR Electric Longboard

There are 2 models of Lycaon electric skateboards you can choose, the “G” and the “GR”.Now, “G” model has been sold out, “GR” model is still in stock.

It provides you with 4-speed modes and 4 brake modes,H+mode has a brisk acceleration, however, it doesn’t make your electric skateboard go further, only the feeling of being fast. H mode is comfortable to ride. Comparing to the former, the L mode and M mode are both gentle that I feel it’s for kids.

When it comes to the 4 braking modes, the lowest brake mode is enough, however, the highest brake mode is as tight as LingYi ESC. Another drawback is that the truck is either too loose or too tighten, so it becomes difficult to turn.


  • Variable modes
  • Incredible Features


  • New brand
  • Tight braking mode
  • difficult to turn.

Ownboard W2 Electric Skateboard

comparing to the w1, the most significant change for Ownboard W2 is the dual 650 watts belt-drive motor, which provides strong power. Thereby, the electric board has more torque even to the gradients up to 30%
When it comes to the hub motor, the motors are indeed hidden inside of the wheel and can save space .as a result the polyurethane layer is very thin, which impairs the driving comfort and grip.

And you have 2 choices,144wh($529) or the 324wh($629).The former bringing it a very small 6.5 miles, which is limited, but the short charge time can mitigate it. Or you can spend additional money to get the larger one, which provides 20mile.


  • Brakes are very smooth
  • Value for money
  • Perfect for commuting
  • Similar performance to the longboard


  • A 3-month warranty
  • Only for smooth roads

Exway Flex Electric Longboard

There are 2 kinds of motors used by the electric skateboard on the list of the best cheap electric skateboard.hub-drive or the belt- drive, the difference between them is that hub motor is quiet, comparing to the Belt-drive, which makes a little noise when you ride.Buying the Exway Flex, You will have 2 choices.

With a user-friendly app, you can preset modes for different skill levels, in addition, you can customize acceleration and braking, your wheel size also can be chosen in the app.

What’s more,24 safety sensors connected to the ESC monitor the cells From all directions, upgrade software and hardware provide the reliable current.


  • Smart battery system
  • Swappable Drivetrain Options
  • Advanced App


  • Grip tape has few air bubbles

Apsuboard X1 Electric Skateboard

Apsuboard X1 is stick to their spec. This deck X1 uses has a concave, made by a 7-layer Maple and 1-layer bamboo deck, which has as good a flex as the Ownboard W1S deck.

Apsuboard X1 has dual belt-drive 650 W motors .They are pretty powerful and allow for a top speed of 26 miles per hour. And the low charge time of 2.5 hours makes the device well-suited for daily commuter travel.

Variable speed modes can be used for various riders, for the beginner, the speed can reduce to 12.5 miles per hour. It is safe for them. However, the brake is soft, comparing to the Lycaon GR, which has a tight brake.


  • Variable speed modes
  • Good flex


  • Not suit for heavy rider
  • Soft brake

Possway T2 Electric Longboard

You will have a risk to buy a new brand, but sometimes you will pick up the right one. For example, this time I buy the Possway T2. A new brand in the budget electric skateboards.

A lightning-fast acceleration and a top speed of 26Mph is ideal for people who pursue high speed, though it is not friendly to entry-level riders.

It also comes equipped with an automatic turn on function, which is very useful only fitted on more expensive boards. And Possway can handle a gradient of 30%, which is probably steeper than you’re ever likely to need to go.


  • Auto Turn On Function
  • Hill climb


  • New Brand
  • Brisk acceleration

Teamgee H9 Electric Skateboard

Teamgee H9 adapt ultra-thin polymer lithium batteries, which reduce the overall weight and provide you in-control ride experience. There is no external motor or powerful capsule, That’s why the Teamgee electric longboard is so well balanced

Mighty and thin can be described to the Teamgee H9, neither heavy nor light, not big or small, With this board a highly sophisticated.

The minimal 2 recharge time of the battery might make up for this reduced range, but maybe you should recharge your device during work frequently. It worth noting that If rider who up to 220lbs will have a risk damaging the battery.


  • Thin and light
  • Well balance


  • Unimpressive Range
  • Low weighing capacity

Vestar Mini Electric Skateboard

Vestar Mini is super portable. It’s only 6.15kg/13.5lb, which is the lightest on the list of the best budget electric skateboard. You can carry it under your arm, to the bus, subway – wherever you go. It can be used in urban areas to help riders who might struggle to carry around a heavier board. Some riders also need to carry their board on a bus or car.No matter where you ride, picking up and moving an electric board is a frequent necessity. Or it can be your journey companion. In a word, get yourself the affordable electric skateboard is really worth.

With a Vestar Mini, you are capable to achieve more maneuverability than a longboard, adding more fun to that guys want to trick. On the other hand, a short electric skateboard adds insecurity to you, especially at a high speed.
There is no doubt that it’s a nice eboards for the last mile, however not suitable for a long commute.


  • Ultra-Portable
  • Mini
  • Batteries of high quality


  • Short-range
  • Not stable at high speed



Electric scooters are relatively new and have only really gone mainstream in recent years.If you don’t know what they are, this article will confuse you, so let me quickly break them down for you and answer the question, what is an electric skateboard?

I have a great interactive guide that explains all the components of an electric scooter, and it’s helpful as a reference and to have a basic understanding of the components that make up an electric scooter.

But basically, electric scooters are battery powered and electric scooters that you can control with a hand-held remote control.

They are amazing because you can climb up a hill and go further than a traditional skateboard.

People use them to bike to work, to go to the train station, to walk with friends on weekends, dogs, to take surfboards under their arms to the beach, to pick up things near shops, to drink coffee, to go off-road in the woods, along muddy mountain trails, and just about anything you want.

The benefits of skating go beyond just having fun.They’re very environmentally friendly, help reduce traffic congestion, improve mental health, and even help you save some money in the long run.

How to choose the best budget electric skateboard?


Different people want different things out of the board.When they purchase an affordable electric skateboard. There is the main factor you should take into account.

Skateboard quality
from bearings to the steel used for the trucks impact the performance of an electric skateboard, besides, the material of the deck determines whether you can have a comfortable riding experience

Battery Quality
Torque, speed, and range affected by the type and quality of the motor. However, the quality of the battery plays a more important role in them. How long you can use after charge and charge time you also need considerate. with a waterproof seal, the bottom case will prolong the battery lifespan.

There are two kinds of motor. A wheel hub motors and belt drive motors. Belt drive motors provide more torque. But, Sometimes, gravel or debris can get caught in the belt.
Hub motors are smaller. Hub motors have very thin polyurethane liners on the wheels, which means you will have to replace the liners reasonably frequently.

The top speed can reach 28mph, which brings excitement to the veteran, though it’s a little dangerous for the new riders.so before you buy that, you should take into account whether you need that high speed. 15 mph is enough for urban users.

Wheel Quality
Electric boards usually have polyurethane wheels between 70mm and 100mm in diameter. A larger wheel will offer you a smoother riding experience. However, Battery will be used faster.
Also, wheels are the easiest to replace on an electric skateboard.
Hill Climbing
In my opinion, a high angle is not necessary for most urban users, who live in the area having a few hills in the 5%-7% range but no more than that.

How to ride safely off-road?

  • Always wear a helmet!
  • Other protective gear (gloves, knee and elbow pads, good shoes) is strongly recommended.
  • Know your path
  • Practice and master the brake of the main board
  • Train emergency braking techniques and “get it right”
  • Make sure your battery is charged (also the remote control)
  • Make sure you are seen – (night = light time)
  • Don’t exceed your skill level

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  1. definitely a toy more than anything but was worth the shot lol. For anyone trying to get an cheap electric skateboard, your best bet is either the Meepo V3 or Backfire G2 Black,or yecoo mt.Any cheaper than that and you’re making HUGE sacrifices in quality, performance, reliability, etc.

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