Top 10 Best Off-Road Electric Skateboards of 2021

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This article will introduce off-road electric skateboards.

When skateboarding first appeared in the US in the 50s and 60s, it became popular all over the country. Thousands of children, teenagers, and adults took to the streets to play with this simple toy, a wooden board with four wheels. Since the 1990s, there have also been many skateboard video games, further cementing their popularity.

Electric skateboarding originated in the late 1970s but didn’t become so popular until the mid-2000s. That is when electronic plate parts and motors become more feasible and accessible.

Before long, their popularity soared, with people of all ages rushing to buy them. Everyone thinks it’s a new entry in skateboarding history. With all the improvements over the years, skateboarders are once again realizing that electric scooters really are worth the money. Moreover, they have become more reliable than their predecessors.

Do you dream of exploring the woods on an electric skateboard, unencumbered by bumps in the path? Or maybe you want to speed up the beach on a beautiful day, but know that your board is safe on the beach? If you want to ride off city roads, you’ll need an off-road electric skateboard.

These boards have several names. Some brands refer to their products as “all-terrain electric skateboards” or “electric mountain boards.” These beasts can handle any surface, and unlike your regular electric skateboard, many of them are hybrid and perform well on smooth and rough surfaces.

In this guide, we introduce the best off-road electric skateboards and learn what you need to know before you make a purchase decision. With all-terrain electric skateboards, it’s possible to have more freedom on the road and ride more smoothly on the streets. They are more powerful and more powerful than the average electric skateboard.

Board_namePriceRangeMax_loadTop SpeedWeightPowerWarranty
Evolve Bamboo GTR$169919 mi220 lbs22 mph24.9 lbs1500W * 212 m
Yecoo GTS$69918 mi330 lbs18 mph19.62 lbs1000W * 26m
Onewheel XR$179918 mi275 lbs19 mph27 lbs750W12 m
Raldey Carbon AT V.2$99919 mi265 lbs28.5 mph23.6 lbs1500W * 212m
BajaBoard G4X$444918 mi245 lbs37 mph55 lbs-no warranty
AEboard GT$839.9927 mi330 lbs23.5 mph25 lbs650W * 23m
Halo Board Beast$129725 mi-26 mph23 lbs3200W6m
MetroboardX$2574 - $269920 mi300 lbs31 mph29 lbs2200W12m
Teamgee H20T$64922 mi286 lbs26 mph21 lbs600W * 23m
Backfire Ranger X2$119915 mi-22 mph18 lbs1200W * 26m
Evolve Bamboo GTR

Evolve Bamboo GTR is of mid-to-high end high-performance electric skateboard. For a complete beginner, I do not recommend using the GTR series or any Evolve electronic whiteboard.

If you’re a fanatical guy who’s been hanging around wedding anniversary or WowGo and feels like you’re probably ready to upgrade, Evolve GTR is the perfect place to start.

Evolve GTR was ridden in a 30.14 mile (48.5 km) street environment during the range test. I also noticed that the development board didn’t enter ECO mode until the last 1% of the ride.

I experienced the strongest but steady brake I have ever experienced on an electric skateboard. Honestly, I’ve ridden mostly cheap boards like Meepo and “Anniversary.” But these brakes are incredible. I managed to completely stop doing 19mph (30kph) at about 33 feet (10m). On a powerful electronic board, you need to be able to break your brakes safely and reliably.

Bamboo GTR is 38 inches long with an adjustable wheelbase of 36 inches or 37 inches. There are extra holes at either end of the deck, so you can slide the forklift plate further to the end or near the center, depending on your preferred ride type. The smaller the wheelbase, the tighter the turns you’ll get, and the wider the wheelbase, the more stable you’ll get. The concave shape of the deck makes my feet feel comfortable. I could feel the edge of the plank under my toes and my heels all the time. It makes it easy to turn circuit boards. Bamboo decks are also very flexible. It doesn’t feel like you’re bouncing on a trampoline, but it’s enough to absorb a lot of the vibrations from the road.

As in the previous series, the standard AT wheel is 7 “pneumatic in all-terrain. In addition, Evolve also provides a 6 inch pneumatic AT wheel. I didn’t get a chance to ride these, but they are great for riders who use Evolve skateboards to get to work and travel longer distances.

Belt-driven motors have historically been proven to provide higher power. Evolve GTR circuit board uses two brushless outer rotors of 1500w with a total power of 3000w. Like all belt-driven devices, you’ll still hear hoarse sounds, so if you want to be quiet, you’re out of luck.

Overall, Evolve Bamboo GTR is very impressive. Evolve does not fully address the problem expressed by the customer, but they go beyond making the entire experience better.


  • High speed up to 26mph
  • Flexible and comfortable ride
  • High power motor
  • Easy to adapt to any terrain
  • Awesome for commuting


  • Not enough quiet
  • It's too expensive
  • It's heavy
Yecoo GT3
yecoo gt3


With this high-end concept ,Yecoo gt3 is challenging existing standards of all-terrain electric skateboards,providing for a singular riding experience.Its ideal for commuting to work or school and a great activity to get outside explore your home town. 

The newest release from Yecoo is a direct upgrade of the formerly available yecoo gt3.The obvious change when you see the new model is the battery.10s4p battery structure has a high a wide capacity,allowing for more range.The new ESC, making the controllability quite smooth, so you probably will be satisfied here.The ride quality is solid for this price point with acceptable acceleration and surprisingly strong brakes, which this rider appreciates.The yecoo gt3 features a slightly concave, flat blend of maple, bamboo and fiberglass looks great and the design is not jarring enough to detract from the overall design much. It can easily transport riders of up to 330 lbs 

It’s equipped with a set of integrated All-terrain motors.The belt-drives give it more power, hill-climbing ability and the versatility to change the wheels,but you have the added annoyance of having to maintain the motors and replacing the belts every now and then. The top speed on this board is 25mph, and we got her there. Since our test reflects more realistic riding conditions than those generally used in manufacturer range tests, it’s safer to expect about 1822 miles of travel.

You can tackle all terrain with these wheels and they offer the most comfortable ride.Swapping wheel is super easy, if you’re willing to get some new wheel pulleys as well. This board is perfect for outdoor explorers. You can use it on sand or muddy ground ,grass and even shells and mulch, discovering your town in a whole new way.

With a nice bright screen clearly displaying indicators,the remote is sleek, easy to read and comfortable in the hand. The complete package offered by the yecoo gt3 provides an easy approach to buying a well equipped off-road electric skateboard without feeling pressured to spend more on upgrades.This board feels well made, and the 180 day warranty shows some faith in their product.The price is right, the warranty is great and the brand is established. From the moment you take it out of the box, you will be able to tell that it is built with top-quality components. But it’s not until after you take it for its first ride that you truly begin to understand how incredible the yecoo gt3 is.


  • Comfortable ride experience
  • Can easily swap between street and off-road
  • Awesome for commuting
  • Super power and battery performance
  • Excellent deck design


  • Heavy and difficult to carry
  • Without lifting the handle
  • Belt-drives require maintenance
Onewheel XR

Onewheel + XR is something you might consider more powerful. It’s about the size of a skateboard, 29 inches long and less than 10 inches wide. But it weighs 26 pounds. By comparison, a folding bike weighs about 10 to 12 pounds. It’s hard to forget not to put it on my feet when I’m carrying it with a serrated handle below deck.

First, you download the Onewheel + application, open the development board, and connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The dashboard displays statistics including the dashboard’s battery power, your speed, how many miles you’ve cycled per trip, and how far you’ve traveled.

I found the Mission (mid-set with a top speed of 19 MPH) to be the most interesting ride and the closest thing to a deep turn in powder weather

When I first got on the bus, it was so interesting that it was difficult to get off. Then I realized: It’s a little hard to leave Onewheel + XR. To stop, you can raise your heels or toes on the front of the board. A blue line splits the front panel in half, and to stop the circuit board from moving, you must relieve the pressure on one side. If things get really bad, you can bail out and jump off on both feet.

But figuring out when to bail is difficult because of Onewheel + XR’s unusual operation. For example, it can go uphill or downhill. When you go downhill, it slows down if you lean back to stay upright, but it speeds up if you lean forward (it also has regenerative braking, which means that if you slow down, the battery will recharge).

A lot of the advantages that Onewheel + XR has compared to the Boosted. For example, it is highly waterproof and you can ride in rain and puddles. You can attach the fender so that it doesn’t leave dirt or grit on your body. There are also LED lights below the deck, so it is safer to ride at night. Battery life is also very long. After more than an hour of cycling over the course of four days, the battery ran down only 60 percent, then returned to 100 percent an hour later. I feel great when I travel within 3-5 miles of my home and don’t have to worry about running out of batteries.

Finally, if you are not familiar with it, you may fall down easily at first, especially since it is more expensive.


  • The riding experience is exciting
  • Good battery life
  • Board has a lot of speed and sensitivity settings
  • Shaping software is complex
  • App is clear and easy to use


  • More dangerous than a skateboard on four wheels
  • Too heavy to bring on planes or buses
  • Too expensive
Raldey Carbon AT V.2

The RALDEY CARBON AT V2 boards are heavy, but to be honest, most Esk8 boards are. The concave smooth carbon fiber board is cool, but I don’t think the shape of the board significantly increases the board’s control or keeps the feet in a better position, but it looks cool. Grip tape. Grip tape. The board is a little high from the ground, so if it dies, you probably won’t have fun marketing it, but the height allows for amazing gaps, and jumping off curbs and bumps is an easy thing to practice.

The wheels on the board were a little harder than I expected. The wheels also have a good grip. Again, the wheels should be as big as possible, so you can ride all the streets, no matter how rough (and possibly bumpy) the road is, but better than a traditional long cartwheel. A safe rule of thumb is to ride on and off the road if the ground is solid.

Although the board is towed, it has a sharp start, a lot of torque, a high speed, and a faithful speed of 28 miles per hour, despite draining the battery. I’m still messing with the truck, trying to find the balance I want and avoid speed fluctuations at higher speeds (wearing a helmet).

RALDEY CARBON AT V2 has adjusted and improved the existing Hobbywing ESC and now its power has been increased by 20%. The second generation has 195mm (7.5 in.) wheels at 45km/h (28 MPH) and is driven by two 1,500-watt 6368 motors.

The second update RALDEY CARBON AT made was to install two belt motors behind the plate. This makes the boards look more aggressive and also protects them from all kinds of terrain. The 165mm (6.5 in.) and 195mm (7.5 in.) airless wheels are comfortable and require less maintenance than conventional pneumatic wheels. Now, you don’t have to worry about getting a flat tire while driving off-road on your preferred path. In addition, they were seated on a 254-mm (10-inch) double-pin truck.

The last update their team made was to add new cellular foam grip tape. This little feature improves the comfort of the carbon fiber deck. The deck is made of Japanese T700 carbon fiber, providing lightweight, sleek Settings for electronics and battery cases.

It should be noted that Raldey Carbon AT 2 is very powerful. Wear a helmet at all times and give appropriate protection. Misuse of this product by riders without proper protection can result in serious injury or death. Have fun and stay safe! In addition! Can not fully charge the host and remote control, so please charge the host and remote control, in order to fully experience Raldey’s potential.


  • Water resistant
  • Top speed 28 MPH
  • 365-day warranty
  • Comfortable ride for longer rides


  • The remote isn't aesthetically appealing and sorta looks and feels cheap
  • Range is only 19miles, actually less
  • The flex is no good for sliding
BajaBoard G4X

BajaBoard G4X off-road electric skateboard is definitely a BEAST! One of the coolest features of the board is that you can switch between 2WD and 4WD. With the click of a button, you can instantly change the riding mode based on the terrain you want to process. It’s got four brushless electric motors, it’s a fast electric cross-country skateboard, and it’s got some punch in it! Let’s take a closer look at BajaBoard G4X.

The G4X is very robust in performance and is recommended for senior expert riders. The maximum weight of the rider is 300 pounds. The BajaBoard G4X has a top speed of 37 MPH and a range of 20 miles on a full charge. The charging time itself is about 2 hours and 30 minutes. This is a super-fast off-road electric scooter!

Its 10 “off-road wheels can cross almost any other imaginable terrain. It even has settings for traction control. The circuit board tracks the trigger very quickly, so even with a lot of functionality, you feel like you’re under control. Not only that, the brakes are firm but very smooth. You can actually configure the brake strength.

It has enough torque, excellent speed, and powerful battery capacity to take you up to 45% of the class. With an alloy chassis, sturdy twin wishbones and a pre-installed 55mm travel shock absorber, it can be driven on any terrain. With this electronic skateboard, you don’t have to restrict yourself to the smooth asphalt road.

Safety considerations are inherent in the design of this electronic skateboard. The rugged chassis provides a stable and predictable platform for the electric skateboard. If the suspension is set correctly, you will not be surprised by unexpected changes in direction. Once you get used to the power board, you can safely push the envelope.

To make the boards easier to drive and more open and safe, BajaBoard has added traction control. Traction control reduces unnecessary wheel rotation and increases the overall grip of the circuit board.

BajaBoard G4X electric skateboards are not cheap. With this kind of performance, you will have to pay for it. With a base price of $4,500, this is a big investment. While few other boards can ride exactly like BajaBoard, the other top-tier boards cost less than half. It is a basic design designed to meet the needs of all-terrain electric skateboarders. The combination of its design, strength, and rugged construction makes it an excellent OFF-road vehicle, impeccably on straight roads and a pleasure to ride uphill. That is, if you are looking for everyday drivers that will take you anywhere, please do not invest in this board.


  • Brakes are strong but very smooth
  • Super responsive controller with a lot of features
  • Impressive top speed
  • Goes anywhere
  • Hill climb up to 45% grade


  • Quite heavy
  • Extremely expensive
  • Not waterproof
AEboard GT

Like “Wedding Anniversary,” AEBoard is a China-based company. Aeboard GT and AT2 are rugged and inexpensive all-terrain electric skateboards from Aeboard. They are based in China and have a variety of decent boards that are generally recommendable.

With all the electric scooters on the market, few people will find high-quality products at cute prices, and hub motors are of higher quality. High-torque hub motors are also quiet, in addition to the power generation that stops or breaks to recharge the battery. For me, this is a game-changer. Every other electric skateboard is very noisy and you can hear the motor. Trust me, it’s so cool to be on this board in silence. At first, you may not notice it until you are on the other circuit boards and can hear their motors. Of course, you’ll also need to order upgraded battery packs, which can vary greatly in battery life.

It comes with two 650-watt hub motors, although all wheels look like hub motors. Aeboard GT is combined with a flexible battery. The rider feels more comfortable, and the mileage can be created by the rider himself. The GT has dual kingpin trucks for a better turning radius. You can buy a 504-watt-hour battery or a 612-watt-hour extended range battery.

Be sure to avoid puddles, not water, when riding this skateboard.

Because it’s an all-terrain skateboard, it can conquer all-terrain, and you can ride through grass and stones, cobblestone sidewalks, and large joints. It’s all handled well. It looks invisible. When I ride a bike, many people will be interested in it, because it looks so beautiful. I highly recommend this board, which has the ability to let you ride wherever you want.

Here’s what you need to be aware of:

AEboard is completely resistant to erosion before receiving the goods, but once you start using or maintaining it or replacing the battery, AEboard’s waterproof performance will be reduced. Water can damage the circuit board, water damage is not covered by the warranty. Therefore, avoid putting the board in the water.

When riding an electric scooter, be sure to wear a helmet and appropriate safety equipment.

Remember to turn off the remote and charge it when not in use to extend the battery life.


  • Flexible and comfortable ride for commuting
  • Equipped with the Double kingpin Trucks
  • Adapt to all terrain


  • It takes up to 5 hours to recharge
  • Not so good waterproofing
Halo Board Beast

The Halo Board Beast provides riders with crazy control. Easy, precise control of turns. In addition, the rider can handle all types of terrain thanks to interchangeable all-terrain wheels. Skating on rocks, sand, grass, and more, control is undiminished. Finally, the upgraded torque management acceleration and braking algorithms help ensure a smooth and smooth ride at all times. In summary, we found that the Halo Board Beast claims the “Best Electric Skateboard” Award in 2020, which is not surprising.

For starters, this extremely lightweight electric skateboard draws power from a powerful 3200W dual direct-drive motor. Propels the rider to a top speed of 26 mp/h and is able to cope with tilts of up to 25 percent.

Riders can choose to purchase additional all-terrain wheels from Halo. Experienced skaters can easily switch to these all-terrain wheels and handle all kinds of tricky terrain. In addition, the powerful 3200W motor and high torque also bring excellent climbing function.

The Halo Board Beast is a particularly awesome regenerative brake. The system converts kinetic braking energy into usable electricity to power the battery, helping you extend your driving distance by one mile.

Speaking of deck, the combination of maple deck and carbon fiber creates a stunning aesthetic for an electric skateboard. In fact, maple trees are more durable and have better off-road performance than other woods. In addition, Halo decided to be bigger and better, expanding the Beast’s board to 37 inches. Of course, a longer deck provides greater stability and a smoother ride.

Riders can afford to buy additional all-terrain wheels, and although these off-road models are not usually off-road, they offer excellent performance in all types of terrain.

As expected, the build quality of the board was very high. The previously mentioned maple and carbon fiber hybrid deck has excellent durability and can form beautiful wooden planks. Firesafe batteries have passed many quality tests and meet many fire and electrical safety standards. The noiseless 3200W dual-direct drive motor is crazy and offers a bigger output than most e-bikes and scooters. Thanks to this high torque and powerful motor, it’s no surprise that the appropriately named Halo Beast can be torn at a gradient of up to 25%.In terms of ease of use, the beast is a beauty to ride. Super sculpted trucks allow riders to make precise turns and easy turns. A stylish and practical deck provides excellent grip and plenty of room for a comfortable ride.


  • Powerful motor function
  • Flexible and comfortable ride
  • Lightweight only 23 lbs
  • Awesome for commuting


  • Not waterproof
  • All-Terrain Wheels are sold separately
  • Charges from empty in 4-5 hours

MetroboardX offers Evolve Carbon GT riders everything they want – but more features. Higher speed, greater range, more power, more decks, and more importantly, greater reliability. Not to mention more customization through open source applications. All packaged in a breath-taking and beautiful carbon fiber deck, the design was clearly designed from the ground up. X is the beast. By contrast, most of the other boards feel lighter, more like a toy. The motor 6374 is also stronger than Evolve 5065.

On the road with 190mm wheels. I did ride a few times, but I found that the ride felt too high for my taste and that the valve bars produced noticeable wheel swings at high speeds.3. Traveling by Evolve is a familiar thing to me. It could easily be held in place with a fixed wheel weight, but I never cared.

If you prefer MetroboardX because of the need for AT wheels, I highly recommend 155mm wheels. As mentioned earlier, I never really cared about the AT wheel. Up to this point.

The 155mm wheels offer an excellent range, a top speed of 34 MPH (using 52T gears), and excellent torque/speed balance. These are perfect wheels for less-than-ideal roads, and even for hard dirt when driving off-road.

The only other problem with MetroboardX was that once I moved to the desert and started driving on rough roads again, the LCD battery indicator screen stopped working. They acknowledge that this is not unusual and that they are trying to find a sturdier instrument.

People at Metroboard actually do care a lot about safety. This is one of the reasons they offer options that limit X speed, which is of course a reason to choose a top-level quality component. Another reason for choosing higher-quality parts is that they can save a lot of support costs. The end result is a net benefit to the customer in terms of security and the total cost of ownership. In terms of quality, I would compare Metroboard to Lacroix.

But let’s be honest. If you’re even thinking about DIY routes, MetroboardX isn’t for you.


  • It is a quality board for sure
  • 31mph top speed
  • A 12-month warranty
  • Conquer all terrain


  • Too heavy
  • Too expensive
Teamgee H20T

The TeamGee H20T electric scooter, with its wide rubber tires to provide more stable ride performance, is an excellent motorcycle that is currently on sale during the crowdfunding campaign at an incredible price. With a top speed of 28MPH and a range of about 24 miles, it’s good enough for all your city explorations and adventures. The maple and fiberglass deck is both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing, making this undoubtedly one of the coolest electric skateboards you’ll likely encounter in 2020.

With the help of this extremely advanced TeamGee H20T electric scooter, you can actually ride on any road or ground, rain or shine. It USES a 103mm rubber tire that widens 24 holes to increase shock absorption. These holes create a buffer and reduce weight, allowing you to drive steadily on any road. With the additional support provided by its anti-skid feature, this provides a smoother cycling experience, making it ideal for driving on wet streets and wet pavements.

Versatility is synonymous with the H20T electric skateboard, which has the most versatile wheel of any longboard and can be replaced in as little as 10 minutes. Changing a tire can also extend the life of an electric motor by 4-5 times, which means that you can use the board for a longer period of time, unlike other electronic boards, which require you to replace the motor and tires.

With a TeamGee H20T electric scooter, you can exceed your imagination on a single charge. You can get up to 40km of range on a single charge, which means you have enough juice to cover any city center or suburb without having to worry about a low battery. Using a 2 x 600W motor and four gears for acceleration and speed, the H20T provides unparalleled control for your riding experience.

The sense of speed really makes the H20T attractive to the Coolector HQ here. You can expect to go from zero to 28MPH (45 km/h) in as little as 3-5 seconds, which gives you the feel of a racing car. The H20T’s lightness makes it possible, allowing you to accelerate in less time. Thanks to the TeamGee handheld remote, you can switch between modes with a single click.


  • The brakes are very smooth
  • Able to climb most hills with ease
  • Is a very stable circuit board, very easy to learn
  • Wheel replaceable


  • It is extremely difficult to access the battery
  • Long braking distance
Backfire Ranger X2

“Backfire Ranger X2” is a major upgrade to the Ranger X1 and is four times lighter. Powerful and efficient motor and battery systems, excellent construction, excellent wheels, and a new remote control make the board ideal for all-terrain riders.

For all-terrain electric skateboards, motors are very important. Due to some backfiring tests, the “Backfire Ranger X2″ uses a hub motor. With the help of belt motors, they learned that skateboards could only run on the sand for a few seconds. The sand eventually goes into the gears and belts, closing them off. Therefore, hub motors are a better choice. The system is completely sealed, so sand, dust, and water do not cause problems.”Backfire Ranger X2” has two 1,200-watt electric motors in total.

It’s worth mentioning the 12S, 50.4V battery because its temperature is much lower than previous models. This means that the energy saved can generate more power and provide a greater range for the skateboard. You’ll get a range of 16 to 18.5 miles, with a top speed of 22 MPH. The slope is 30%. It takes about 5 hours to recharge. Given the power of the motor system, this makes sense. It’s an hour shorter than X1.

“Backfire Ranger X2” has a specially designed deck with a bend so it supports the biker’s feet. It is also very flexible and helps significantly reduce vibration on a Sasaki rough road. Since you will be riding over a variety of terrain, no vibration is required. Dual-pin trucks are also great, with a minimum turning radius of 2 meters. Tell from the weight, Backfire suggested that the rider’s maximum weight of 245 pounds. The board itself weighs 23.8 pounds and is fairly light for a sturdy all-terrain board. It’s actually 8 pounds lighter than the Ranger X1.

When you work in a more hostile environment, you want to make sure the circuit boards are protected. The Ranger X2 is waterproof and dustproof, and also covers and protects parts such as ESC and battery modules.

“Backfire Ranger X2” has a 6.5-inch wheel and is made of a thickened honeycomb-shaped structure. This means they are airless, so you don’t have to worry about puncturing them.

The special rubber also has improved friction, which helps with shock absorption.


  • Aggressive concave shape to better handling
  • Lightweight to carry
  • Comes with a Cannon LED light to help you see at night or in dimly lit conditions
  • Airless wheels help with shock absorption


  • It takes 5 hours to recharge
  • The motor is not the most powerful of all terrain skateboards

What is an electric skateboard?

Electric scooters are relatively new and have only really gone mainstream in recent years.

If you don’t know what they are, this article will confuse you, so let me quickly break them down for you and answer the question, what is an electric skateboard?

I have a great interactive guide that explains all the components of an electric scooter, and it’s helpful as a reference and to have a basic understanding of the components that make up an electric scooter.

But basically, electric scooters are battery-powered and electric scooters that you can control with a hand-held remote control.

They are amazing because you can climb up a hill and go further than a traditional skateboard.

People use them to bike to work, to go to the train station, to walk with friends on weekends, dogs, to take surfboards under their arms to the beach, to pick up things near shops, to drink coffee, to go off-road in the woods, along muddy mountain trails, and just about anything you want.

The benefits of skating go beyond just having fun. They’re very environmentally friendly, help reduce traffic congestion, improve mental health, and even help you save some money in the long run.

How to ride safely off-road electric skateboard?

  • Always wear a helmet!
  • Other protective gear (gloves, knee and elbow pads, good shoes) is strongly recommended.
  • Know your path
  • Practice and master the brake of the main board
  • Train emergency braking techniques and “get it right”
  • Make sure your battery is charged (also the remote control)
  • Make sure you are seen – (night = light time)
  • Don’t exceed your skill level