Backfire G3 Started Shipping

Backfire will start shipping on September 10th, a new iteration of their successful G2t. The new G3 Plus has a higher price tag at $999.00, a $300 price bump from the G2t which is still available for $699. It looks like the increase in price is very justified as the new G3 came with a number of improvements.

Backfire G3 Plus
Backfire G3 Plus

Model G3 Plus
Weight of Board 7.3KG / 16lb
LED Ambient Light Yes
Dimensions 99*24*13cm / 39*9.3*5inch
Turbo No Time Limit
Range 32-40km / 20-25miles
Top Speed 46km/h / 28.5MPH
Hill Climbing Up to 30%
Remote R2 Wireless Remote with OLED Display
Battery 12S 50.4V 346Wh
Deck Carbon Fiber
Trucks Front & Back CaliberII
Wheels 85 & 96mm Replaceable Wheels
Hub Motor 600W*2 Hub Motors
Charging Time 3.5h


Super Bright LED Ambient Lights

The electric skateboard with emotion!

G3 Plus comes with super bright LED ambient lights that change with different riding modes.


Carbon Fiber Deck


Flexible Curved Carbon Fiber Deck

The world’s first pure carbon fiber with flex.

With the same size, maple deck is 1600g, while G3 Plus’ ultra-light carbon fiber deck is only 960g.


Carbon Fiber Deck


Front & Back CaliberII Trucks

Caliber is known as the world’s top downhill truck brand.

With the front and back CaliberII trucks, G3 Plus gives you extraordinary carving experience and improved stability in high speed riding.


CaliberII Trucks

85 & 96mm Replaceable Wheels

G3 Plus provides 85 and 96mm replaceable wheels for various situations.

The 85mm wheels are suitable for fast acceleration, track mode, drift and slide. The 96mm wheels are perfect for long distance commuting.


Replaceable Wheels

Samsung 21700 40T Battery Cells

G3 Plus uses Samsung 21700 40T battery cells with 346Wh power and 70A output current. No voltage sag, no over heating.


Samsung 21700 40T Battery

12S Hobbywing ESC

G3 Plus comes with 12S Hobbywing ESC that offers more efficient and smoother control.


12S Hobbywing ESC

600W X2 Ultra-High Power Ultra-High Torque Hub Motors

600W X2 Ultra-High Power Ultra-High Torque Hub Motors provide G3 Plus with the torque and acceleration as the Belt Drive System

600W X2 Hub Motors


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